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Hey there Muesli lover,

Thanks for stopping by.  Did you try out the Bircher Muesli recipe on the main page yet.  It is full of muesli nutrition.

I eat muesli breakfast bowls almost every morning, and some times a small bowl in the evening.

The reason for the creation of www.mueslirecipes.com is to bring several recipes to you that you may have not come across.  I believe in the benefits of fresh muesli bircher style and the nutritional benefits of whole organic grains, fruits and nuts.

I studied nutrition to find a way to reverse my type 2 diabetes condition.  I did not want to take diabetic medications, and certainly did not want to get to the point of having to get insulin injections, so, I learned how to change my eating habits, start exercising the right way, and using some supplements that helped lower high blood sugar levels.  What I learned about nutrition was invaluable.

Now I eat nutritious balanced meals using the Glycemic Index to make sure I am eating the right carbohydrates, and then match them to proteins in a balanced meal.  Works like a charm.  I lost weight, was not hungry, and have more energy than my wife knows what to do with!

I am the author of “The BetesBuster Plan” a step-by-step guide to reversing the type 2 diabetes condition.  It was after I did all the research that I came up with a plan that I followed for 45 days, lost 31 pounds, gained energy, felt great, AND dropped completely out of the diabetic numbers.  Even pre-diabetic numbers!

Many people asked what I had been doing to cause such a huge transformation of my body, skin, muscles, energy, and attitude, that I decided I would write an ebook/guide for everyone.  So far, I have had 100% positive comments and feedback from those that have tried it.  Some incredible results from a few people were simply heart-lifting and made the time and effort spent writing the book all worth while.  It flat out works!

Try some muesli recipes, especially using fresh organic fruits, nuts and grains.  You will be delighted!

To your health & happiness,

Thomas Fouts

The BetesBuster Plan

http://betesbuster.com (The BetesBuster Plan)

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