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Hi, I am Thomas Fouts, creator of MuesliRecipes.com.

I created this page to offer you muesli recipes free of charge.  I know the benefits of healthy nutritious eating.  My best selling ebook called “The BetesBuster Plan” is mostly about balanced nutrition and exercise, so I know what nutrition is good for you.

I also have clickable links on this site.  When you click on a link it may take you to a product information page or even a recommended product sales page.  If you like what you see, buy it, and absolutely love it, I may get paid a commission for directing you to that product.  That is called affiliate marketing.  Basically friends telling friends about something they recommend.

So thank-you for stopping by, and don’t be afraid to click a link on something that interest you, I have checked them out thoroughly and they would not on this page if they were dishonest or lacked quality.

And use the free information and recipes.

To your health & happiness,

Thomas Fouts, Author of “the BetesBuster Plan”


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